About CoPro+

Introducing CoPro+

CoPro+ is a purchasing consortium program sponsored by the Michigan Association of Counties (MAC) and powered by Procurement Consulting Group. The program was intentionally designed to make procurement easier for a variety of public organizations.

Back in 2011, some of MAC’s member counties were struggling from revenue cuts. These changes had major impacts on their teams and their ability to efficiently provide public services. It seemed like these members were all suffering from fewer team members and less time to handle public purchasing requirements. These hurdles are what inspired MAC to create Collaborative Procurement Plus, better known as CoPro+.

Essentially, CoPro+ serves as a bridge between public agencies (like schools and local governments) and vetted, trustworthy contractors who are waiting to fulfill procurement requests. Our program supports Michigan companies, provides resources for public agencies, creates real cost and time savings, and, above all else, makes procurement a breeze.

Since CoPro+ was established in 2012, the number of available contracts has continued to double every year, with sales volumes to match.

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Procurement Made Easy

CoPro+ is run by experienced Michigan public procurement professionals. The program provides a wide range of benefits, including:
Our number one goal is to support local public entities with contracts that provide quality products and services at the best prices. We hit this goal while also making sure any supplier fees that are collected are shared with active CoPro+ participants. No other cooperative purchasing consortium operates in this way.

Supporting Organizations

CoPro+ is only made possible through the collaborative work of MAC and PCG.

The Michigan Association of Counties Service Corporation (MACSC) was established in 1986 to provide services to Michigan Association of Counties members through the development and maintenance of a variety of programs and services. Our services are not limited to counties but are available to the various county entities and other agencies within counties.

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Procurement Consulting Group is comprised of expert public procurement professionals with more than 240 years of combined experience in federal, state, local, university and school fields. PCG has partnered with the Michigan Association of Counties to offer various procurement-related resources and services through the Michigan Association of Counties Service Corporation.

Want to Learn More?

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