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CoPro+ is designed to benefit members and contractors alike. Once a contract has been approved, our contractors gain access to a wide variety of benefits that are designed to increase ROI.

Any contractor who wins a bid on a CoPro+ contract is automatically entered into our program. There’s no need to apply to CoPro+ separately. Instead, contractors are automatically eligible to enjoy benefits like marketing resources, access to a larger customer base, and more.

Larger Customer Base

Huge Cost Savings

Statewide Contracts

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How It Works

It’s easy to become a recognized CoPro+ contractor. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Win a Bid. Once your contracting organization or independent contracting firm wins a bid on a CoPro+ program contract, you automatically become eligible to join the program.
  2. Keep an Ear Out. Next, the CoPro+ team will reach out to welcome you to the program, thank you for participating and give you the information you need to know to be successful. You’ll find contractor requirements, CoPro+ contact information, and more in your email.
  3. Create an Account. Follow the steps in your email to create an account on our website. This will give you access to our resources!
  4. Market Statewide. Once you sign up, you can utilize our marketing resources to market your contract to any other public entity in the state.
  5. Expand Your Market Passively. As part of the CoPro+ program, you won’t have to continually respond to bids. That’s because the contracts have already gone through the competitive bid process and satisfy the bid requirements of public entities.
  6. Save Money! Like we mentioned, CoPro+ contractors don’t have to submit bid responses. That means you could save $20,000+ for each response you don’t write. It’s all about helping our contractors save time and money!

Contractor Fees

We love surprises, unless they impact our bottom line. That’s why we provide information up front about any administrative fee that may apply to a specific contract when it’s bid through a host public agency.

Administrative fees are based on contract sales that are reported to the CoPro+ program quarterly. These typically range between 1.5% and 2% and are only collected after sales reports have been submitted. All fees are paid to the Michigan Association of Counties Service Corporation.

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Contractor Renewals

Since contractors are automatically eligible for the program, there’s no application to renew. However, since contractor access is dependent on contracts, these will need to be updated. To stay in the program, contracts will need to be renewed at the end of each contract term. Alternatively, contractors can also extend their membership through other awarded contracts won through a bid process.
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