Member Benefits

What You Need, When You Need It

We understand how time consuming procurement can be even at the best of times. That’s why CoPro+ members enjoy a variety of benefits that all result in time and cost savings for their organizations. On top of that, there are no membership fees, so your agency can enjoy the benefits with none of the risk.

A public agency that is a CoPro+ member can purchase through our contracts without having to go through the competitive bid process. All CoPro+ contracts are publicly posted and bid, which means they already meet the competitive bid requirement.

No Membership Fees

End-to-end Procurement Support

Shared Collected Fees

Additional Membership Benefits

Along with access to all CoPro+ contracts, members can access additional benefits, like:
CoPro+ is the only end-to-end procurement consortium in the country. We provide pre-award, award and post-award services to all eligible members. Public agencies can simply utilize any CoPro+ contract by contacting the contractor directly to make their purchase.

Join CoPro+

CoPro+ services meet the requirements of MCL 124.504, which means any public agency is eligible to participate in the CoPro+ Program. This includes:

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